USANA Magazine Jan/Feb 2001

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Jeremy and Diane Stansfield - Healthy, Wealthy, and Diamond

Energy: 1 a : dynamic quality b : the capacity of acting or being active 2 : vigorous exertion of power : effort 3 : the capacity for doing work

Jeremy and Diane StansfieldIf any two people ever fit the definition of the word "energy", it would be Jeremy and Diane Stansfield. Jeremy is the first to admit it too. "It's not uncommon to see me with a headset and my wireless phone prancing around the house, working on projects while I'm talking business on the phone. I'm on the phone a lot and I've had a hard time sitting in one place since the beginning of the business."

Five years ago, Jeremy Stansfield joined USANA. It was his second association with a network marketing company, the first having abruptly come to an end when the company closed its doors shortly after he joined. His circumstances were dire-an injury forced him to leave a carpet installing business behind, he had little savings, and no college degree. His family was skeptical of his newest business venture. The one positive thing in his life, however, was Diane, a woman he had met at the first network marketing company. She had just seen her network marketing business go under and wasn't interested in getting involved again. But Jeremy had done his research. He chose USANA because he knew it could be a life-changing career move. His choice proved to be the right one, and after receiving a check from USANA the first week of his business, he has never missed one since.

OfficeAfter seeing Jeremy quickly reach the rank of Gold Director, Diane decided to give network marketing one more chance and officially became part of Jeremy's business. But it wasn't until she attended USANA's 1996 International Convention that she finally became a true believer. "Prior to Convention, I saw the paychecks that were coming in, but Convention gave me more belief that the industry was legitimate," Diane says. "Hearing all the stories from other people really made an impact."

With newfound support, Jeremy worked 70-hour weeks making phone calls, holding meetings, and following up. Together, he and Diane reached the level of Ruby Director in 17 months, Emerald Director in 17 1/2 months, and Diamond Director in a record-setting 20 months. At age 26, Jeremy became the youngest Diamond Director in the history of USANA. "It actually happened a lot faster than we thought," he marvels. "It was the result of working an enormous amount of hours and putting a tremendous amount of energy into our business."

The rewards of their joint business were more than financial though. Only six months after Jeremy and Diane became Diamond Directors, they became husband and wife. One of their first big dreams that came true with USANA, Jeremy explains, was to have the wedding of their dreams. "We didn't want to have a traditional wedding ceremony," he recalls. "We wanted something spectacular-something unique." Jeremy had always wanted to get married on a cruise ship, and Diane had fallen in love with the idea of a wedding ceremony held in St. Thomas on Magen's Bay. The Stansfields were able to combine both of their dreams in November of 1997. They boarded a cruise ship and at the first port of call-St. Thomas-they were married on Magen's Bay. Twenty of their friends and family joined them for the ceremony and a mini-reception that was held on a yacht that took them to St. John. "It was something that we've always dreamed about," Jeremy says. "We had the most amazing time of our lives."

Following the cruise, they returned to Utah where they hosted a lavish reception, featuring a highlight video of their Caribbean wedding. A honeymoon in Hawaii completed their dream come true. "That was something we would have never been able to do before USANA," Jeremy says. Looking back, the Stansfields can't imagine any other business where they could have taken a total of two months off work, still received a paycheck every week, and paid for the whole celebration in cash.

BillardsBeing financially successful is also one of the aspects of their business that they find particularly gratifying because they are now able to financially give back to their family members. Jeremy's mother constantly faces several health issues, and the Stansfields have been able to be a financial backer in her times of illness. "It's our turn to give back and make a difference for others," Jeremy says. "We would have never been able to do that without USANA."

Because they are financially comfortable, they have been able to focus on creating memorable times. Before Jeremy began working with USANA, he had never been outside of Utah, with the exception of a visit to Disneyland. Now, for business and for pleasure, Jeremy and Diane have had the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States and to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Caribbean.

With their newfound freedom, the Stansfield's love of the outdoors has continued to grow. Shortly after joining USANA, Jeremy's first large purchase was an RV. He took Diane on a two-month working vacation, driving along the West Coast, finding new customers and sharing the USANA message. Last year, they purchased their luxury mountain home located on Wolf Creek Golf Course in Eden Valley-an hour drive from Salt Lake City. The home is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Pine View Reservoir, and three world-class ski resorts are within ten miles of their front door. They have fallen in love with the valley so much that they have purchased other property in the area as well.

Jeremy FlipsJeremy dreamed of living next to a lake since childhood, and now that he resides near Pine View Reservoir, he pulls back-flips, air gainers, and 60- foot jumps on his air chair as often as four days a week.

The recreational opportunities available there are incomparable. Jeremy is able to ride his Banshee 4-wheelers and high-performance snowmobile from the garage directly into the mountains. During the summer months, he can be caught water-skiing, jet skiing, or air chairing on the reservoir at least four times a week. And, weather permitting, the Stansfields will hit the ski slopes at least three times a week this winter. When not at home building their business, they are likely to be found at Lake Havasu, Lake Powell, or Lake Mead in their RV-pulling the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Malibu 2000 ski boat.

The Stansfields can attest that owning their own business has other rewards as well. Because they set their own hours, the Stansfields rarely find it necessary to set an alarm clock to begin their day. Each late morning begins with the usual check of voice mail and e-mail, and prioritizing the day with a "to do" list of the day's appointments and calls. Going to work is no trouble because their home office comes complete with views of the reservoir and mountains. On a day-to-day basis, Jeremy is the face of the Stansfield's business. He is the recruiter, business builder, and presenter. Diane works mostly behind the scenes, taking care of the administrative work that is so integral to the business. She will soon take on a new role as a mother too.

As one might expect, this major addition to the family has caused Diane and Jeremy to shift their values. "We are having more balance in our lives than we ever have before. We're spending time together, looking forward to spending a lot of time with our new child, and spending time with family, because you just never know what can happen," Jeremy says.

But no matter what changes they face in the future, USANA will always play a part in the Stansfield's lives. "We can't imagine not working USANA!" Jeremy says. "We have so much fun working with all the fantastic people." Jeremy further explains that they have two "why's" for continuing to build their business. "First, we want to help more of our team achieve what we have, and second, we want to give back to our community, family, and loved ones." Diane concludes, "Even though we don't work 70-hour weeks anymore, we are still focused on achieving many more goals with USANA."

In only five short years, the Stansfields have become some of the most successful Diamond Directors in USANA and are inaugural members of USANA's coveted Million Dollar Club. Jeremy credits their success directly to their fabulous downline. "USANA is the ultimate vehicle to help people realistically achieve their dreams," he says."USANA works, and it's for real."