Jeremy Stansfield

Jeremy Stansfield was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  At a young age he learned how to work hard in the family carpet business.  He installed carpet and took on side jobs, often working 70 hours per week.

At age 23, a severe pinched nerve in his left shoulder forced him to leave the carpet industry.   The doctors told him he would have to find a new way to earn a living. 

Jeremy found himself in a devastating situation…  no job, no income, no savings, no college, and nowhere to turn.  

Having a previous negative experience in Network Marketing, Jeremy was not looking for an opportunity like USANA.  In fact, he was contacted several times over a few months before Jeremy met with a USANA associate.  Sparks began to fly, as Jeremy analyzed the USANA® opportunity.  Determined to make the best decision for him, Jeremy spent a considerable amount of time comparing USANA to other companies in the industry.  He used a strict criterion, and still couldn’t find an equal to USANA.

Still jobless, Jeremy had no choice but to begin working his USANA business full time.  Being only 23 years old, it was difficult for Jeremy to gain respect of prospects.  Especially since Jeremy didn’t have any sales experience either.   Remarkably, Jeremy set goals for himself and applied the work ethic he had learned in the carpet business, which resulted in a direct path to the top!  In fact, he reached Diamond Director within only 20 months of joining USANA which set a new company record.

Jeremy recalls, "I had always dreamed on earning a Six-Figure income.  Within only four months, I had reached this target as my weekly commission checks were exceeding $2,000 per week!  Now, several years later, weekly commission checks have reached as much as $34,000 and some weeks even more!"  (Disclaimer)

When you think of living an extraordinary lifestyle, think of Jeremy Stansfield. He continues to live his life in high gear enjoying many of the finer things in life.  His success has allowed him opportunities such as a beautiful rustic home in the mountains of Utah at Wolf Creek Golf Course & Resort, luxury automobiles, boating, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, exotic vacations and travels in a 42' bus / motor home.  ( Disclaimer)

Traveling opportunities was just a dream for Jeremy before he started his USANA business.  He has now traveled across the USA and internationally.  "I absolutely love to traveling to new places!  It's a huge benefit of the USANA lifestyle!" Jeremy explains. Vacation and business trips include: Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Japan,  Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and more.(Disclaimer)

Jeremy's most favorite outdoor activity is riding the Airchair.  He can do big jumps and flips.  His friends call him "AirJer." 

Jeremy enjoys the time freedom this business offers which allows him to spend quality time with his two daughters being a part-time dad.

Jeremy concludes, "I'm passionate about helping other people succeed in this business!  This is what keeps me so fired up about building more and more.  Of course, this helps me stay focused on the next big goal or income level to achieve.  It's truly not all about the money to me, it's about pushing yourself to do more, be more, love more, give more, and ultimately make a difference in the lives of others!"




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